Office System 2 is the ideal solution for your next office design project.

  • It is a flexible, forward thinking solution that can deliver the sophistication or the clean architectural look you need without compromising on your functional goals.
  • Think smart! Our smart features allows you to personalize your configuration to suit your needs.
  • What you get is ingenious functionality, exceptional craftsmanship, value engineering, and unparalled quality for the price.

We offer Office System 2 in a Monolithic and Segmented configuration.

Monolithic Office System 2
Our Monolithic solution boasts elegance and sophistication. Ideal for not only executive and professional workspaces, but also for collaborative team environments. Tough construction means it will stand the tests of time and deliver the performance you expect.

Segmented Office System 2
Explore new heights of customization with our Segmented system. Mix panel heights to achieve varying privacy levels. Satisfy your functional requirements by incorporating white boards, tool rails, glass stackers. Feel free to specify cool finishes or your corporate colors to make you stand out. We bring "fun" back to work, because we know that workspaces should not be boring.

Modular Freestanding Office System 2

The Modular Freestanding Office System 2 is a smart system, one that uses universal components and connectors. This means changing the design at a later point is:

  • easy and simple – installation times will be faster because we have all the components
  • inexpensive – because you only change a few features and not the entire unit
  • efficient – faster installation times mean you can get back to work quicker.

For more images please see the Office System 2 image gallery below!

  Monolithic Office  Segmented Freestanding